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嘉德理财有限公司 2003年在多伦多成立,是嘉德集团旗下的全资子公司, 由政府注册财务规划师(CFP) Ms. Lizzie Li任总经理,负责新老移民的财务事宜,务使每个家庭在多伦多的财产分配得当。




“根据加拿大统计局在2009年发表的一份调查报告,与土生土长的加拿大人或已在加国长期居住的人士相比,来自海外的新移民因理财知识贫乏以及对加国的金融体系缺乏了解,以致他们在获取基本的金融服务方面面临更多的障碍,在选择金融产品和服务时显的自信心不足。 ”

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JDL Wealth Management Inc. was established in 2003. It is a wholly owned subsidiary company under its parent company, JDL Group. The general manager of the company, Ms. Lizzie Li, is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Our company’s services include but not limited to: business planning, personal financial planning, deferred tax investment and financial planning, retirement income planning, all kinds of fund investment, asset transfer, property distribution plan, all kinds of insurance plans, arranging initial public offering (IPO)of your company in Canada, and so on.

According to a survey published by Statistics Canada in 2009, compared to native Canadians or people who have lived in Canada for a long period of time, new immigrants from all around the world to Canada would face more difficulties while accessing basic financial services, due to their lack of knowledge and understanding of financial management and Canada’s financial system. JDL Wealth Management is your perfect partner to bridge this gap.



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